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When you place the care of an elderly person into the hands of others, you should be able to rely on those people to ensure your loved is treated with dignity, humanity, and with the attention necessary to keep them alive, healthy, and as happy as possible. Most of the time, you are paying large fees for these services and guarantees. 

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect and abuse are prevalent issues that continue to affect elderly residents in Missouri and Illinois. As the population in these states ages, the demand for long-term care facilities has increased, leading to a rising number of cases involving neglect and abuse in nursing homes. 

The Scope of the Problem. In recent years, reports of neglect and abuse in nursing homes have garnered significant attention in both Missouri and Illinois. Residents in these facilities often face a myriad of challenges, including inadequate staff-to-resident ratios, substandard living conditions, lack of proper medical care, and even physical, emotional, or financial abuse. These issues can have devastating consequences for the well-being of elderly residents and their families.

One of the primary factors contributing to neglect and abuse in nursing homes is the increasing demand for care services for the aging population. As the number of seniors requiring long-term care continues to rise, many facilities are struggling to meet the growing needs of their residents. This can result in overworked staff, insufficient training, and a lack of oversight, creating conditions that are ripe for neglect and abuse to occur.

Legal Protections for Nursing Home Residents. Both Missouri and Illinois have laws and regulations in place to protect nursing home residents from neglect and abuse. In Missouri, the Nursing Home Bill of Rights guarantees certain rights to residents, including the right to privacy, dignity, and freedom from abuse. The state also has licensing requirements for nursing homes and conducts regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

In Illinois, the Nursing Home Care Act establishes guidelines for the operation of nursing homes and sets forth residents’ rights, including the right to be free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The state also has a Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program that advocates for residents’ rights and investigates complaints of abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

Addressing the Issue. Despite these legal protections, nursing home neglect and abuse persist in Missouri and Illinois. To combat this issue, it is essential for families and loved ones of nursing home residents to be vigilant and proactive in monitoring their care. Regular visits, communication with staff, and observance of residents’ well-being are crucial steps in identifying signs of neglect or abuse.

Furthermore, advocacy groups and government agencies play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of nursing home residents. These organizations can provide support, resources, and guidance to families facing issues of neglect and abuse in nursing homes. By working together with stakeholders at all levels, we can create a safer and more compassionate environment for elderly residents in long-term care facilities.

How We Can Help. When a loved one is injured by the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of nursing homes, we can help. Kevin Etzkorn has years of experience working on nursing home neglect and abuse cases.

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Common causes

Nursing home residents are often vulnerable and easy to take advantage of, financially and, unfortunately, even physically.

Nursing home employees are expected to be able to provide attention to people who really need it. Often, because of funding issues and turnover problems, those caregivers who are working with patients do not have the proper training to do so. 

Nursing homes are in business to make money for the owners. This means cost-cutting with staff. At many nursing homes, employees are overworked and underpaid. They are expected to do too much because the owners refuse to spend money to hire an adequate number of qualified staff members. As a result, some residents are left unattended and uncared for because, quite simply, the resources people think they are paying for are actually non-existent.


In this case, we filed suit against a nursing home after one of its residents jumped out of a window, resulting in catastrophic injuries. The resident had been left alone in violation of the facility’s standards. We were able to settle this case early, before substantial discovery. The amount was confidential.

Confidential settlement of wrongful death case against nursing home when 84-year-old woman fell walking to a bathroom, sustained numerous broken bones, and subsequently died from an infectious process. Case settled after we located an ex-employee of the hospital who gave evidence of inadequate staffing and training as well as major discrepancies in the records.

We work to hold negligent and abusive caregivers responsible.


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