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Product Liability Lawyers

A company should not make or sell a product that is unreasonably dangerous. Unfortunately, big businesses cut corners. Too often they care more about profit than safety, and they do not always make sure the products they are selling are safe for use or consumption. Product liability law gives injured people the right to make claims against the guilty sellers or manufacturers who knew injuries were likely to occur from defective products. Our firm has experience with a wide range of product liability cases including the following

  • Respiratory diseases from toxic chemicals
  • Defective knives
  • Defective gym and exercise equipment
  • Dangerous heaters
  • Cancer causing medications including Actos


If you have been injured by a product, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The statute of limitations on these case can be complicated. Also, it is likely the product will need to be investigated by an industry expert to determine whether there is a danger or defect. Our firm has relationships with engineers, warnings specialists, and other experts who can examine these cases thoroughly and early.

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