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Trucking Accident Lawyers

There is almost always more money involved in a trucking case than in a typical auto claim. And there are usually more devastating injuries. Because of their size, commercial trucks typically cause severe damage. We have seen cases where our clients’ cars were torn to shreds. With the ability to cause such damage to another vehicle, trucks can and often do debilitate the bodies of other drivers that come into their paths.

Due to lawsuits over the last 30 years, legislators and the trucking industry have made strides in protecting other drivers from tired, intoxicated, and reckless truckers. Unfortunately, these types of accidents still occur on a regular basis on all Missouri Highways. Many companies still fail to properly screen employees and create unrealistic expectations for drivers to deliver goods. But even a skilled driver can cause an accident.

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Trucking cases are different from car crash cases. They require lawyers who handle them regularly. We have years of experience in this area, having served as trial counsel and, on a regular basis, settling them with trucking insurance carriers.

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