St. Louis
Trial Law & Litigation

We accept all types of cases involving trials and litigation. It’s what we do and what we know how to do.

Lawsuits & Disputes

If you need legal representation in a dispute, contact us today.  It is impossible to list every scenario on one website in which we can assist a client.  Our lawyers have spent their entire careers focusing on litigation and lawsuits.  During that time we have handled cases arising from errors and omissions, negligence, intentional acts, defamation, recklessness, and contract disputes, just to name a few.

In addition to the areas shown on our website, our lawyers have extensive experience in products cases (including representing a flavoring company in lawsuits involving alleged exposure to toxic chemicals during popcorn manufacturing), professional  liability claims (representing doctors, lawyers, engineers, title companies, etc. for malpractice), and business disputes.

Legal Consultations & Advice

One thing you learn litigating cases is what people should do to avoid the Court system altogether.  We are available to offer legal advice and consultations to persons who believe they need the advice of an independent attorney of their own choosing.

This can arise in instances of employment issues, criminal issues, or during the course of litigation when you are represented by an insurance company lawyer who recommends you obtain the opinion of outside counsel.

We are also willing to consult with companies that take their employees and consumers health and safety seriously.